Hi! My name is Beverly.

I gave birth to my son in our small lovely home in 2014. I did a water birth with the help of my husband, 2 well-experienced midwives, and 2 of our friends.

Since then, when people learn about it, I always get asked so many questions.  I remember being introduced in a group one time, “She’s Bevs, she had a water birth at home”, and those people I met for the first time would suddenly ask “Why?!”, and a series of more questions.

I would love to answer with so much passion.  However, I sometimes feel uncomfortable discussing it randomly because I feel an answer leads to more questions and I cannot explain everything in most occasions.  And certainly, I might sound like a geek if I explain too much about it in a group of strangers.

So, I decided to put this simple site up so I get to chronicle this milestone in our lives.

If you found this, you are welcome to explore.

I know the information in the internet might be overwhelming and it is also challenging to search for resources that would be relevant to you with all the questions in your mind.

A lot of times, you might have questions or issues that you can’t quite put a finger on, so you do not know what to “search” for.

Or, you see personal birth stories and videos that are inspirational, but you still have a lot of questions.

Some of your questions are not “theories” or facts but more personal and emotional, like “how did your family react?”, “will I be able to do it even if I do not exercise?”, etc.  These were similar things I had in mind, and will try to open it up with you.   I also quote researches when necessary.

If you want a quick look on my own personal quest when I was deciding whether I will do homebirth, go here.

I have also written a few helpful resource for your preparation and general pregnancy here.

Please feel free to message me if you have questions or if you just want to share.

Each of us will have a different birthing experience. My hope is that this site helps empower you and be more informed on the choices that you can make whether or not you go through water/ home birth or not.

DISCLAIMER:  All resources here, unless otherwise stated, are purely from my personal learnings, point of view and experiences.  I do not claim to be an authority and expert.